Timely insights and practical advice on how we can stay balanced in this disruptive world, sustain our best work in the long haul, and contribute to the larger world around us.

AS THE DEMANDS of today’s world grow and pull us in different directions,it has never been more important to be whole. Most people recognise this,but few know how to achieve it. Instead, we run on the treadmill of work and become ever more drained and burnt out, while the organisations that we are part of become ever more fragmented and unhealthy.

Wholeness in a Disruptive World aims to bridge that gap. Inspired by the author’s realisation after a physical breakdown from trying to “do it all”, this book draws on the combined wisdom of Eastern and Western thinking, along with extensive interviews with leaders and executives, to show the way towards wholeness – both for us as individuals, as well as for our organisations and communities.


I’m Wendy.

A speaker, author,
consultant and explorer
at heart dedicated to
finding insights and
inspiration for us to be
better human beings and
leaders to create
institutions that
work for all.


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Collaboration 2.0: Partnering Agilely in the Digital Age

To collaborate in the digital age, we need to focus on the whole, contract with peers, navigate ambiguities in the evolving work together, whilst having clarity to path-find amidst complexity.
Established organization with startup mentality

Organization Transformation

Can an established organization have a start-up mentality?
woman leadership, developing woman leadership, woman leadership development program

Developing Whole Woman Leaders

Why are there fewer woman leaders? How to develop more woman leaders?
humane and responsible retrenchment practices Wendy Tan

Holistic Approach to Retrenchments

Humane retrenchment practices help organizations spring back because survivors regain trust in the management and commitment to go the extra mile.

Whole Meetings

Meaningful meetings focus on results and relationships.

What Anchors You?

What are your values, identity, purpose and responsibility?

Thriving in a Disruptive World: Pearls of Wisdom from East and West

East and West perspectives on how we can be whole and thrive in today's disruptive world.

A Journey from Fragmentation to Wholeness

Wholeness is a sense of balance and completeness within oneself and the world around.

East and West Thinking Together Brings Wholeness

The coming together of Western and Eastern perspectives brings wisdom and wholeness.

Sustaining High Performance

4 ideas to do good work in the long haul


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“A clear and compelling answer to the fragmented life we lead and the fragmented world around us. Wendy provides the images, the stories and a practical path to the integration of Eastern values and Western thinking that is both good for the soul and our organisations.”
Author of Flawless Consulting and Stewardship
Peter Block, Wendy Tan
“Wendy’s wonderful book is a compelling reminder to live in the present, aware and awake. As the pace and intensity of modern life ratchets up, her emphasis on wholeness is more important than ever.”
Executive coach, business educator, bestselling author and leadership thinker
Marshall Goldsmith, Wendy Tan
“Fluent in the ways of the West and the East, Wendy tells through these stories a journey towards wholeness in individuals and organisations. Recommended for leaders who want meaning and success.”
Co-author of Love ’Em or Lose ’Em and Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go
“In a fresh and vital new voice, Wendy enchantingly leads us to integrate Western and Eastern wisdom to create the world we wish for ourselves, our families, and our organisations.”
PhD Faculty, Masters of Public Administration, California State University Northridge
Wendy Tan, Pauline Arneberg, Beverly Kaye


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