Wendy Tan, Wholeness, Collaboration, Partnering Agilely in the Digital Age, collaboration workshop
To collaborate in the digital age, we need to focus on the whole, contract with peers, navigate ambiguities in the evolving work together, whilst having clarity to path-find amidst complexity.
Established organization with startup mentality
Can an established organization have a start-up mentality?
woman leadership, developing woman leadership, woman leadership development program
Why are there fewer woman leaders? How to develop more woman leaders?
humane and responsible retrenchment practices Wendy Tan
Humane retrenchment practices help organizations spring back because survivors regain trust in the management and commitment to go the extra mile.
Meaningful meetings focus on results and relationships.
What are your values, identity, purpose and responsibility?
East and West perspectives on how we can be whole and thrive in today's disruptive world.
Wholeness is a sense of balance and completeness within oneself and the world around.
The coming together of Western and Eastern perspectives brings wisdom and wholeness.
4 ideas to do good work in the long haul