Timely insights and practical advice on how we can stay balanced in the face of challenges, sustain our best work in the long haul, and contribute to the larger world around us.


As the demands of a disruptive world grow and pull us in different directions, it has never been more important to be whole. Most people recognise this, but few know how to achieve it. Instead, we run on the treadmill of work and become ever more drained and burnt out, while the organisations that we are part of become ever more fragmented and unhealthy.

Wholeness in a Disruptive World aims to bridge that gap. Inspired by the author’s realisation after a physical breakdown from trying to “do it all”, this book draws on the combined wisdom of Eastern and Western thinking, along with extensive interviews with leaders and executives, to show the way towards wholeness – both for us as individuals, as well as for our organisations and communities.

Wendy Tan, Wholeness in a Disruptive World

Why I wrote this book?

This book is a result of a 5 year effort, following a wake-up call whilst I was in the ICU in the hospital. My regret then leaving without completing this book. Now it’s my joy (and pride) to share this you. My hope is to bring together ideas from the East and West to meet today’s challenges in a disruptive world – as a leader of our lives, teams and organizations.

As my background is in psychology and organization development, I look at wholeness from both the individual and organization levels. I drew on western management thought, Chinese philosophy, insights from leaders and executives, as well as my own experiences, to share with you the ABC of wholeness – to help us stay balanced, sustain good work in the long haul and be a contributor in our larger world.

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“This book is a clear and compelling answer to the fragmented life we lead and the fragmented world around us. Wendy provides the images, the stories and a practical path to the integration of Eastern values and Western thinking that is both good for the soul and good for our organisations.”

PETER BLOCK, Author of Flawless Consulting and Stewardship


“Wendy’s wonderful book is a compelling reminder to live in the present, aware and awake. As the pace and intensity of modern life ratchet up, her emphasis on wholeness is more important than ever.”

MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, Executive coach, business educator, New York Times bestselling author, and #1 leadership thinker in the world (Thinkers50 ranking)


“While much of the leadership literature focuses on doing and leading others, Wendy provides an existentialist perspective of the leaders’ personal inner journey towards Wholeness and Being. I read with joy that leadership is a journey of awakening – uncovering, unfolding and reclaiming the very gifts that have been all along within us. In this journey we become Wisdom, Peace and Grace. A great read and encouragement for leaders embarking on this journey of awakening.”

Dr LIM BOON HUAT, Managing Director, Rohde & Schwarz


“Wendy’s book offers a refreshing perspective on how being whole as an individual is both a precursor and result of being whole as a community. Through honouring one another, we transform the experience of being with one another into a broader experience of wholeness, connectedness and meaning.”

MELISSA ARATANI KWEE, CEO, National Volunteer and Philanthropic Centre


“In touch with the work dilemmas facing the current generation, this book articulates a cohesive approach to life and leadership. It holds out hope for all of us to become our better selves and the possibility for community at the workplace. An excellent book for leaders more intent on changing themselves than changing others.”

GEOFF BELLMAN, Author of The Consultant’s Calling and Extraordinary Groups


“This book speaks to the magic of remembering what’s important. Wendy’s writing on Wholeness is a gift because it’s not about being perfect or having all the answers. Rather, it strengthens our readiness to just be and to nd a way to go towards what makes us, our families and our teams special.”

ANDREW MATTHEWS, Chief Actuary, Medibank Private


“Fluent in the ways of the West and the East, Wendy tells through these stories a journey towards wholeness in individuals and organisations. Thirdness as a fusion of the parts is a creative idea to contemplate. Recommended for leaders who want meaning and success.”

BEVERLY KAYE, Co-author of Love ’Em or Lose ’Em and Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go


“This book gives real-life examples of how different kinds of yin and yang come together in our life and at work to make a difference. The most intriguing yin-yang interactions definitely come from the different Eastern and Western cultural practices depicted in this book. Very insightful!”

Dr DAVID CHANG, Vice President, Roche Pharma Technical Operations, China


“Wendy shares her life-threatening experience that evolved into wholeness. She shares her passion to enrich other people’s lives as hers has been from finding that rare balance and tranquillity in a hectic life. Take a moment, pause and reflect and feel the difference as you turn each page.”

ROBIN SPECULAND, Global pioneer and expert in strategy implementation


“Wendy guides leaders and professionals how work and family can provide meaning and harmony to one’s life, whilst contributing to the larger good.”

MAYA HU-CHAN, Co-author of Global Leadership: The Next Generation


“A refreshing reminder to organizations, leaders and individuals on what it takes to thrive in a fast-changing and increasingly inter-connected world.”

LAU YIN CHENG, Former Chief of HR & OD, Infocomm Development Authority


“Anyone who cares about being a better person and leader will benefit from Wendy’s wisdom and insight.”

AARON MANIAM, Poet and civil servant


“Drawing on her Eastern heritage and Western education, Wendy’s unique voice paints a possibility of dealing with workplace realities while becoming our better selves.”

TERRI EGAN, PhD, Associate professor, Pepperdine University


“In a fresh and vital new voice, Wendy enchantingly leads us to integrate Western and Eastern wisdom to create the world we wish for ourselves, our families, and our organisations. If you are weary of fragmentation and disconnection, reading and practising the tools in this book can help you regain your wholeness.”

PAULINE ARNEBERG, PhD Faculty, California State University Northridge