Wendy Tan, Wholeness in a Disruptive World


Leaders operate in a rapidly changing world with technology disrupting business models and global competition heating up. Going even faster or getting busier is not sustainable in the long run. Stress levels, burnt out and disengagement leads to attrition of key talents and dollars lost with lowered productivity. Leaders play a pivotal role – as a calming force, role model and support for the team to do their best work. What if your leaders:

  • Feel balance in their lives and are energised to inspire change?
  • Are flexible and balance tension at work effectively?
  • Model calmness despite chaos and create an environment for the team to do good work?
  • See beyond themselves to collaborate towards building the larger future together?

This highly interactive, engaging and enriching programme is based on the book “Wholeness in a Disruptive World: Pearls of Wisdom from East and West”. This work draws on the wisdom from East and West to present the pathway towards being a Whole leader.

Wholeness creates the conditions for sustained achievement – higher productivity, engagement and resilience in your workforce to win in a disruptive world.